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The Lord make His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you.

-Numbers 6:25

Dear Friend of Be Broken,


This past year of ministry has been a time of celebration. Here are just a few highlights:


  • Celebrated our 20th anniversary since founding in July 2003

  • New resources in Family Care: 30-week curriculum on God’s Design for Emotional Growth & Sexuality, Just Between Us parent-child journal, and Learning Labs

  • We surpassed 900 episodes on the Pure Sex Radio podcast (36 guests this year!)

  • My new book was published: Grace-Based Transformation: The 3-Stage Journey to Wholeness in Christ


In addition to these amazing “program” highlights, we directly served hundreds of people from around the world – this is our greatest privilege and passion. It is the transformation of people’s lives that we celebrate most of all; to see them “burn bright” as a result of encountering God’s grace is a joy like no other. Rejoice with us in these testimonies of changed lives: 


“I felt freedom. I have hope to see myself how God sees me: a man of integrity, a man who pursues God with everything he has, a man who has purpose … a man free from all bondages of sin.” 

–Paul T., GTF Alumni


“This course has assisted in re-establishing my relationship with My Savior by taking an honest hard look at my life and understanding biblical principles in a much clearer and profound way. I feel better equipped as I go forward to be strong and courageous in my journey through this life.”

–Matthew F., 40 Days of Purity student


“This group helped me feel not so alone in all I was dealing with. It helped validate my feelings that pornography has no place in a healthy, loving, Christian marriage. The resources provided were instrumental in starting my recovery process, and in helping me identify thoughts/feelings that I didn't quite understand. I am a stronger, healthier, more resilient woman than when I first started this Wives Care Group.”

–K.L., Wives Care Group attendee


“Our youth ministry used Identity as a small group discipleship study to guide us into talking about the important topics of gender, sexuality, and identity. At best, there are a lot of mediocre youth resources on the market. This book was great and exactly what we needed. It appropriately talked about these topics but focused primarily on the importance of where our ultimate identity is found. It spurred great conversations with the focus being on the right thing, our identity in Christ.”

–Jordan Y., Youth Pastor


God has been so faithful in this ministry, especially in how he keeps raising up leaders from the ash heap of brokenness to burn bright in helping others on the Transformation Pathway, proving that his grace and power are sufficient for the task of redemption. All of our group leaders in Wives Care are women who came through the online groups. All of our Gateway to Freedom mentors are men who came through the 3-day intensive workshop. Others might have looked at these lives and never considered them for such vital roles in God’s redemptive work. But God…

How is God calling you to partner with Be Broken?

As we look to the future of ministry at Be Broken, we ask that you join us in praying for God to continue raising up the next generation of leaders for the mission. Would you ask God to show you what your role should be? Is it volunteering for one of our ministry programs or administrative needs? Is it as a prayer Champion, financial Champion, or ambassador for sexual wholeness in your local church? Is God calling you to serve on staff at Be Broken?* 


We are here to help you take your next best step on your journey to wholeness in Christ. We can’t wait to witness what God is going to do next in your story that you might burn bright for him…

Thank you for partnering in this work. We are Better Together!

Keep pressing on,


Jonathan Daugherty

Founder & President

Be Broken

If you would like prayer or personal support from me or anyone on our staff, please reach out. My direct line is 210-503-7588 or you can email me at

*Reach out to us to learn of current open staff positions. 


Learn 5 ways to get involved with Be Broken here.

After 20 years, what’s next?


  • Due to popular demand (and much need), the Family Care portion of Be Broken continues to grow rapidly. A plan is in place to hire a new Family Care Director in 2024 to work alongside John Fort.


  • In addition to the resources you have come to love and trust over the years, 2024 will see the rollout of a new church engagement strategy to multiply the impact on entire families and communities.


  • When a resource like Gateway to Freedom has been going for nearly 20 years, it can easily get lost in the background. But for almost every man who attends a Gateway weekend, it is his first time. Lives continue to be transformed every year!


  • Along with Gateway to Freedom, men will continue to experience the Transformation Pathway through online courses, webinars, Grace-Based Recovery small groups, and other resources.


  • Wives will continue to Heal, Grow, and Share through Wives Care Groups, webinars, online courses, and other resources.


  • Coming early in 2024, wives will be able to take the new 40 Days of Healing course!


  • More volunteers continue to be trained in ministry.


You can donate online here. You may also give by phone at 210-822-8201 M-F 9 a.m.-4 p.m. CST or by mailing a check* made payable to Be Broken 8235 Agora Pkwy, Ste 111 Box 167, Selma, TX 78154

The future work of Be Broken is only possible because of Champions like you! Give today and Burn Bright with the light of Christ in support of those in need of healing and growth. You will impact thousands next year alone!


Between now and December 31, if you give $100 or more, you will receive a free Kindle copy Jonathan’s new book, Grace-Based Transformation. Give $250 or more, or sign up for recurring giving, you’ll get a free hard copy.


Thank you for partnering in this mission. You are making a difference both here and in eternity.


Matthew Riley

Development Director at Be Broken Ministries

P 210-822-8201 Ext. 108
M 210-868-1017
E ­

*According to IRS rules, when mailing a check, the envelope must be postmarked with a 2023 date to count as a gift made in 2023, regardless of the date of the check itself. Please note: December 30 and 31 are weekend days this year.

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