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Upcoming Session:
Understanding Adolescent Decision Making

Tuesday, Oct. 24
Noon or 6 p.m. (Central)

This is a brand new learning lab to help you better understand why your pre-teen or teen behaves in sometimes confusing ways and what you can do to help them make wiser decisions during adolescence.


Specifically, we will address four changes—hormone levels, prefrontal cortex, limbic system, and willpower levels—that occur in adolescence. It is the interaction of the changes in these four systems during adolescence that causes them to do things that seem unwise and even out of character for a specific teen. There are reasons for these temporary changes and it will help you to understand them and leverage the good purposes of these alterations in your teen. However, as you well know, some weaknesses come with these changes, so we will review several ways you can compensate for your child’s occasional lack of well-reasoned thought.


  • Parents of children ages 10 to 18

  • Limited to 10 family units (per session)



  • During the 45-minute session we discuss together:

  1. Changes in the limbic system starting at age 10

  2. Changes in the pre-frontal cortex starting at age 10

  3. Changes in hormones starting at puberty

  4. Changes in willpower levels starting during an adolescent growth spurt

  5. How these four interact to affect emotions and decision making during adolescence

  6. Why God made adolescents to go through this temporary change

  7. How to leverage these temporary strengths in your teen

  8. Accompanying weaknesses during adolescence

  9. Ways parents and teens can compensate for these weaknesses

  • 15-minute Q&A following the presentation

  • Total time: 1 hour


Tuesday, Oct. 24, 2023 • Noon (Central) or 6 p.m. (Central)


This is a learning lab, not a webinar. All participants will see each other and have the ability to talk with each other. In addition, we will pause the training several times and ask for your input, in order to customize the training for the participants who attend.

This learning lab will be recorded; however, to help ensure privacy, only those in attendance will receive the session recording.


$25 (per family)

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