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Men's Resources

This is the Men's Resources page, a place where you can take your next best step to overcome unwanted sexual behaviors and live a life of integrity and wholeness in Christ. 

This periodic email newsletter provides men with helpful, relevant resources, such as events, blogs, podcasts, courses, and much more.

Transformation Pathway


A biblical framework to help you move from sexual brokenness to wholeness in Christ

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Heal from past wounds and unhealthy thinking. 

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Grow in God's grace and truth to mature in wholeness.

Share your story and invite others onto the Transformation Pathway.

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Wherever you see these icons they indicate what stage of the Transformation Pathway that program or service highlights.

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Gateway to Freedom Workshop

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Gateway to Freedom is a powerful and proven 3-day workshop for men seeking to overcome pornography and any other unwanted sexual struggles and strongholds.

Upcoming workshops listed below