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Take your next best step to real, lasting freedom!

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3-Day Workshop for men ready to overcome unwanted sexual behaviors
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Gateway to Freedom will help you understand:
  • Why willpower isn't the answer (and never can be)
  • Why God is the source of the solution and how He is ready to help
  • How your emotions can be guided to a healthier you
  • How to see shame and guilt overcome by forgiveness and peace
  • How to build a confident hope into your soul
  • How friendship and service are crucial to your long-term happiness and freedom

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The Weekend

Let's take a look at how the Gateway to Freedom Weekend helps you overcome the unwanted sexual stronghold that is crushing your life. Here’s what will happen:

  1. You'll learn that change doesn't come through willpower and behavior modification alone

  2. You'll discover you are not alone

  3. You'll get insight in to why you are still trapped

  4. You'll know how to move your life toward freedom and a path to start

  5. You'll see others transformed along with you in real time

  6. You’ll be invited to see why and how God and His Grace is at the heart of the answer



Lunch to 9:30pm

  • We create a safe environment — no shame allowed! 

  • We connect with one another as a foundation for learning

  • We model and insist upon care and respect

  • We all learn the power of sharing our story


Breakfast to 10:30pm

  • We go in the deep-end of the pool -- together!

  • Largely our focus is on the essential issues:

    • Curing the Shame Cycle

    • Healing Relationships (past and present)

    • Discovering and gaining clarity about yourself

    • Recovering Hope


Breakfast to Noon

  • Focus: A day of practical strategies for when you return home

  • Finish line: What it takes to win

  • Others: The power of community & friendships

  • Perspective: Your life is bigger than this issue

  • Legacy: How clarifying your purpose and vision affect the future for others


Benji Williams

I really thought that this would be another typical “churchy” type of group… meaning that everyone would just say all the right things and just tell us what not to do. To my surprise, these are real men with real struggles just like me. These counselors truly have a heart for restoring broken lives.

Semaj Neville

Life Changing Experience. The pride in my life was killing my marriage and family. I have to be humble myself, deal with my past, forgive those that hurt me and move forward. Allow the truth, The Word of God to set me free.

Rudy Davalos

I experienced God’s Grace and Mercy for the first time in my life. I was at Peace. My clarity on my purpose as a man was made known.

Cost & Value


This is the all-inclusive cost of the Gateway to Freedom 3-day workshop.* But this cost covers more than just the weekend. Here is everything this registration fee includes:

  • 2 nights lodging ($250+ value)

  • Meal service; 6 full meals total ($100 value)

  • Eight teaching sessions on building a life of sexual integrity; nearly 9 solid hours of teaching ($850 value)

  • Eight small groups sessions with a professional counselor; over 10 solid hours of professional group counseling ($1000+ value)

  • All workshop literature; workbook, resource catalog, etc. ($80 value)

  • Inclusion in Gateway Aftercare program; counselor consultation, support group selection assistance, support care through our qualified recovery network, helpful resources for wives (for the married men), audio recordings of all teaching sessions ($1200+ value)

  • Personal interaction with program facilitator and small group leaders; decades of expertise and insight in one location (Priceless!)

  • Lifetime access to the private GTF Alumni online group (Also, priceless!)

Total Value (Over $3000) - Total Cost ($997) = Over $2000 in Savings!

To see the true value of the workshop through the eyes of men who have attended, please visit our Testimonials Page.

*We also offer an early bird discount ($897) if you register prior to 2 weeks before the workshop. And we provide scholarship discounts for qualified applicants. (Call 210-822-8201 x106 for further information about scholarships.) 

If you would like to donate to the scholarship fund, visit our Donation Page and select GTF Scholarship as the fund.

For more information, or to register by phone, call 210-822-8201 x106

See our FAQ's Page