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Honest Talk | The Game

Honest Talk | The Game


Make sensitive conversations fun, not awkward! Honest Talk | The Game adds a competitive game component to conversation starter cards. Interaction between kids and parents increases and your kids will ask you to play it again once you introduce this game!


Learn more below in the "What's Included and How to Play" section.

  • What's Included and How to Play:

    Honest Talk | The Game comes with a feelings wheel, feelings charts, and four sets of cards:

    • Feelings cards
    • Get to Know Me cards
    • Family Brainstorm cards
    • Questions About Sex cards


    Similar to the game UNO, each family member has a hand of cards to choose from. When it is a player’s turn, they pick the card they want to answer or ask another player. The more awkward the conversation is, the more points the player receives!


    Families tell us that their kids want to play the higher-point cards, even if they feature a topic the child might normally avoid talking about. Start with the easier cards and add others as your family becomes comfortable with honest conversations.

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