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There is an exciting opportunity for you to help equip men, women, families, and churches for the future; people like Chris:


When Chris began his 40 Days of Purity online course, he had just confessed his adultery and addiction to masturbation and pornography to his wife of 12 years.


Chris felt stuck and hopeless. He assumed admitting his sin to his wife alone would resolve his issues.


Oblivious to the damage he had done to himself and his marriage, and the amount of work that was needed, Chris began the course, taking it one day at a time.


Day by day things began to change. Chris began to unpack all of the garbage he had stored up, all of the lies he had been told and had even told himself, and all of the barriers he built to hide from the world.


Writing the daily scriptures, responding to the lessons in his journal, and listening to the podcasts helped Chris begin to open himself up to true healing. He came to realize how broken he really was. 


Chris is now working with other men. He’s guarding his eyes and taking every thought captive. And, most importantly, Chris is spending time with God daily in prayer and in the Word. His marriage is beginning to heal. 


Your financial partnership is vital in serving and equipping the next generation of sexual wholeness leaders, so that men like Chris, and his entire family, may continue on the Transformation Pathway of Heal → Grow → Share. We cannot do this kingdom work without you.


Now, we’re excited to share that, thanks to a generous donor, Be Broken is able to offer, once again, a $75,000 match for gifts given between May 1 through July 31. Every dollar you give, collectively up to $75,000 total, will be doubled! Your gift, in any amount, matters! 


Further, consistent giving from our Torches! partners is a primary reason Be Broken has been able to strengthen and equip others for over 20 years. If you join the Torches! between May 1 and July 31, your generous monthly gift will be doubled for the remainder of the year and will support future ministry efforts for years to come. Join the Torches! at


Will you invest your God-given resources to equip individuals and families who choose the Transformation Pathway? Will you donate today so that your gift is doubled?


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We are better together!

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Matthew Riley

Development Director at Be Broken Ministries

P 210-822-8201 Ext. 108
M 210-868-1017
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