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Clay Vessels is dedicated to and for Champions of sexual wholeness.

These are difficult and uncertain times. Inflation is high. Some banks have crumbled. War rages and alliances are forming. American culture seems on the edge of total moral collapse.


Two things tend to happen during chaotic times.


First, world crises often expose personal crises. Unhealthy ways of dealing with difficult circumstances come boiling to the top. Sin gets exposed and many finally reach out for help.


Second, charitable giving drops off. As bills become harder to pay, and the future looks uncertain, the sensible thing is to protect and preserve.


These two reactions don’t play well together.

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Be Broken is not in dire straits, but it would be nice to keep it that way. In the last two months eight Champions have needed to stop giving monthly. Giving is about $15,000 short of where it was by this point last year.


This year marks 20 years of God’s faithfulness to men, women, and families through Be Broken Ministries. It is a ministry made possible because of Champions like you.


Will you celebrate this exciting anniversary with us by joining in 20 for 20? Will you sign up to give $20 (or more) a month?


Your ongoing gifts will help get Be Broken’s ever-expanding list of resources into the hands of others in the US, Australia, India, Brazil, and many other parts of the world (resources that include Just Between Us: Parent-Child Journal, a new 30-week homeschool curriculum for sexual integrity, Gateway to Freedom, a 40 Days for Wives course that’s in the works, Wives Care Groups, Jonathan’s new book which will be released this year, Graced-Based Recovery Online Study Groups, a growing list of Pure Life Academy courses, and more!).


Always feel free to share Clay Vessels with friends and family. If you don't already, you can receive Clay Vessels in your inbox. Sign up today!


We are better together!


P.S. Two ideas for you today!

1) Instead of using Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines, consider browsing the internet through Goodsearch. When you search through a donation will be made to Be Broken. It only takes a couple minutes to set up an account and designate Be Broken as your charity of choice.

2) Do you have a little extra money this month? Are you looking for another worthy cause to support? Check out a partner ministry in Brazil, The Evil I Do Not Want. Consider sending them a gift to continue this important work.


Matthew Riley

Development Director at Be Broken Ministries

P 210-822-8201 Ext. 108
M 210-868-1017
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