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Identity has become a point of conflict and anxiety for many young people today. This book unpacks the complexities of identity and invites you to build on a solid foundation.

  • About This Book:

    How can we broach the subject of identity with young people today in a way that validates their feelings without ignoring truth? This study guide is designed for adults and students to do together; either in a home environment or student group setting.


    Each week you will look at different sources people derive their identity from as well as filters people consider those sources through. The book starts with a discussion on the history of identity formation in the human race. The following weeks you will consider the various sources identity can come from, including groups you associate with, achievements, what makes you unique, sexuality, and finally identity in Christ.


    This holistic approach avoids the pitfalls of disagreement surrounding narrow views on identity. This book does not tell you how to view your identity, rather it provides a guide to discovering which sources of and voices into your identity you believe serve as the best foundation to build your identity on.

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