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Pluck Your Eye Out!

You should know this upfront: I am not a theologian. I don’t even know if I spelled the word correctly. But, in reading the Bible, I love its present-day application. Take the verse Mark 9:47, for example: “And if your eye causes you to stumble, pluck it out. It is better for you to enter the kingdom of God with one eye than to have two eyes and be thrown into hell...” There is a radical tone underlying this verse, and to the non-theologian (me), it means, taking radical steps to avoid sin.

The lust surrounding pornography use is clearly sin and harms us and others in many ways. You and I are both on this website to find help dealing with pornography use. Practical suggestions can make a huge difference. Have you considered implementing radical steps to impede or hinder your path to pornography and lust?

Practical Steps

After I told a friend my favorite spot of seclusion to visit porn sites, he asked me why I had not made changes to make it harder to be there. He asked why my monitor was not turned toward the entrance to the room so anyone walking by would see what I was viewing. That simple change impeded my path to porn. For some, taking a different path home from work at night will cloud their desire to stop at a porn shop. Recently, I stopped watching Netflix at night in order to avoid the temptation to watch inappropriate videos. Other men have their wives control the password on their home computers.

At a restaurant with a friend for lunch, I asked if he had seen the gorgeous, short-shorts-wearing beauty who came in a few minutes earlier. He replied, “yes I did, that is why my glasses are off sitting on the table.” I then took mine off and the temptation to gawk at her faded.

The Anti-Porn Agent

Sometimes, filling our minds and time with positive influences is a good anti-porn agent. In the car, I listen to the Daily Audio Bible podcast every day. Guess what I don’t think about during this time? Plus, I am in my fourth year of listening to the host read through the entire Bible.

We all know how porn hurts our wives. Why not invest in playing games with your wife rather than watching TV or surfing the internet? When my wife and I play Mastermind, Backgammon, shoot some pool, or go for a walk, I invest in our relationship and I avoid porn. Time spent with my wife builds up our marriage while porn tears it down.

Don’t literally pluck out your eye. Instead, make radical changes to install obstacles to porn use. Fill your time with relationship-building activities with your friends and spouse. Let’s not look back after the next thirty days and regret the wasted time spent on the man we wish we were not. Instead, start today to build the man you want to be.



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